JPole Team

Daphne Rasooly

Daphne began dancing at Jpole a few years ago but quickly progressed into teaching others! During her military service, Daphne was a fitness instructor; she continued this path and is now just one year away from a degree in physical therapy. She loves to play sports and train for fitness competitions. Daphne pays particular attention to muscles and strengthening in her classes and educates students how to keep their bodies healthy and prepared to pole dance. 

Yulia moved to Israel in 2014 and immediately joined the Jpole family. She began teaching various pole dancing classes as well as flexibility classes. Yulia has many years of experience in different dance styles including strip-plastic and go-go. She has taught around the world, participated in international competitions and was crowned Miss Strip-Plastic 2013-Action Erotic Competition in Moscow, Russia. In her classes, Julia promotes and encourages dancers to have a health conscious body and mind. She believes that pole dancing not only strengthens the body, but also helps us to be free, confident, cope with negative thoughts and relieve stress. 

Ella Stahl

As a girl, Ella trained in classical dance, but fell in love with pole dance a few years ago when she started training at Jpole. After a year and a half as a student, Ella began teaching at the studio. Ella is currently an undergraduate student studying computer science and cognitive science. Her classes focus on technique, building strength, and progressing fast!

Ayelet Finkelstein
Owner and  creator of Jpole Fitness

Coming from a yoga background, Ayelet began her passion for movement at a young age. That passion evolved to pole dancing in 2009. She began instructing in her apartment on just two poles but two years later was able to expand to create a small pole dancing studio. After overwhelming enrollment, the current studio was created where Ayelet teaches pole and yoga classes. Ayelet's vision is to encourage as many women as possible to accept themselves and love their bodies. She believes confidence is the sexiest feature in a woman, and she wants to help women achieve that feeling. 

Vered Dadon

Vered is a certified fitness trainer with many years of experience. Her passion for hip-hop transformed into finding fitness through twerking. Vered teaches Twerking Hip Hop classes which combines fun, sexy, and confident dancing with fitness. Her goal is to encourage dancers to break away from the routine, work hard, sweat and become more familiar with the world of twerking combined with hip-hop dance. Vered believes in the connection of body and mind, self-acceptance and empowerment of women, and tries to relate it to students through exercise and dance.